Cleanall Service Ltd offer a full range of window cleaning services, both internal and external using conventional method and water fed pole system.
We always adapt and adjust the work to your requirements, size of the premises and environment conditions. Quality and Health & Safety are our priority, we always take precautions to provide a safe place to work.

We clean internal windows using traditional method by using water and squeegee. It is most famous way of window cleaning and can be done on all types of windows.

For cleaning external windows we use Reach & Wash Thermo Pure Advanced Technology water fed pole system.
Heated and several times filtered water is provided through the telescopic pole to soft brush with jets. The brush is used to agitate the debris off the window, while spraying water, and then the brush is lifted a few inches from the glass to rinse the glass with the pure water jets. Because there are no solids dissolved in the water, the windows dry clear without water spots. The entire cleaning process involve the glass, entire frame and window sill. It can be also used for cleaning PVCu house facias.

Our carbon fibre telescopic pole reach up to 80ft, it mean we can clean windows on 7th – 8th floor!

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